Do you need to better manage your merchandise or your customers? Are you satisfied with your WMS? We will help you make posible your diverse business operative through a modular and scalable system based on QoS.

We propose solutions with a centralized information system to optimize your daily management:

  • Real time queries to improve decision-making through web and desktop applications on actions taken in your warehouses.
  • WMS connected to radio frequency terminals to minimize errors and increase productivity.
  • Merchandise traceability from warehouse to end customer.

Today, dozens of warehouses are managed with systems that have grown with our services. Trust us, ask us for references. Sonicon is specialized in logistics processes and in implementation and consulting of warehouse management software.

Clinical Research

Clinical research has as main goal the creation of knowledge and the solution of practical problems. The correct steps to follow to make a good research are:

  • Definition of a research problem
  • Construction of the theoretical framework
  • Generation of hypotheses
  • Research question and objectives
  • Selection of the most appropriate and feasible design
  • Selection of the sample of subjects to study
  • Determination of the variables
  • Collection and analysis of data

Sonicon systems works in this sector in the last of the steps "the collection and analysis of data" through a specific product and easily adaptable to the needs of each investigation.

Public Administration

Public administrations have been positioned as one of the most important target groups regarding the use and the promotion of free software. Among other reasons, the licensing cost savings and the promotion of local industry. This positioning on free software has taken most of them to the migration of their information systems.

Sonicon collaborates with various local and regional public organizaions in improving their internal processes, developing solutions tailored to their particular needs and migrating their legacy systems to different open source technologies.

Among other projects, we have made complex migration database processes, contact management applications, digital files, accounting applications, digital document signature, dashboards, etc.


The translation bussiness is a significant turnover worldwide.

Sonicon gives you access to its specialized translation management tools that have make life easier to both companies and freelancers, helping them dinamize communication with their customers, reduce costs, and improve overall business management.

Our developed solutions allow applying workflow to walk through the various stages of the life of a translation, from its application by the end customer to its billing.

SMEs and Entrepreneurs

In Sonicon are very aware that these groups are the engine that sustains the economy.

Our goal is to allow you center your efforts on growing your business. To accomplish this, we will make our experience and knowledge in developing management and custom applications another resource of your company.

We will transform your ideas into products and will propose solutions that will automate your daily processes and make them more agile.

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Liferay The last version of Liferay 6.2 CE 30/10/2015

As Liferay's team said in the Liferay Symposium in Madrid on 21 October, they want to establish periods of 6 months each for launching new versions of their portal.

When it lacks just a short time to launch the new Liferay 7.0, the community could recieve the last version of the portal 6.2. It will be called Liferay CE GA5. Which basically will be a more stable version than the others because it has a lot of bugs fixed and it hasn't any new feature regarding the last version GA4.

For more information.

security TrueCrypt end of support 02/06/2014

On Wednesday 05/28/14 TrueCrypt project leaders announced that prior versions of the product could have unresolved security issues and because of that, they were going to stop giving support. A new version with encryption only functionalities (no decryption) has been released and all prior versions of the product have been removed.

This announcement made people in the community suspect there's a hidden motivation to stop giving support, because of the way this announcement has been made and the proposed solutions.

More information at:

Liferay Technical sessions for Liferay developers 24/07/2014

Liferay offers open sessions for Liferay developers. Each session is lead by an experienced Liferay developer, with a focused goal of leading you and others in the community through a specific development project with Liferay. Sessions last from 45 to 90 minutes, and community members should be able to reach the goal set out at the beginning by the end of the session.

You can follow the sessions here.
For more information.

Liferay Google Groups manager portlet 15/05/2015

We have developed a portlet for managing Google mail lists. It will be available for the community soon.

We will keep you posted!