The VideoChat portlet is an upgrade from the basic Chat portlet that allows Liferay members to have video conference with each other.

Those video calls are completely secure and in-house as it uses the new WebRTC P2P (peer-to-peer) technology which avoid the use of any servers once the call is stablished and data is beeing transfered.



  • Multiple simultaneously chats
  • Video conference
  • View and find online contacts
  • Call event sounds
  • Status customization
  • TURN/STUN configuration

Installation Guide


  • First you need to download the war from Liferay's Marketplace.
  • Then deploy the war by installing it from the control panel or copying it to deploy folder inside liferay-portal files.
  • The portlet should be visible once logged at the bottom of any page.


  • Configure custom STUN/TURN servers. This servers are used only by the signaling (connection phase) and default configuration uses Google ( and Mozilla ( public STUN servers.

    Should create a file named "" under tomcat/webapps/videochat-portlet/WEB-INF/classes/ folder or edit the already existing file named "".

    Configuration is possible with the next properties:


  • Browser WebRTC Compatibility: Chrome and Firefox latest versions.
  • Incompatible with Liferay's original chat portlet: if it is installed then it should be removed by deleting it from control panel or by deleting it's webapps folder inside tomcat files.
  • It may be necessary to restart the tomcat server if you can't see the portlet.

Older Versions

1.2 videochat-portlet-

  • Camera will turn off automatically after closing a call.
  • Enabled camera turning off configuration in (inside /web-inf/classes) where you can change the default to true and keep the camera permissions between calls.
  • UI & User-friendly improvements.

1.1 videochat-portlet-

  • Bug fix in some database table names (case sensitiveness issue).

1.0 videochat-portlet-

Feedback / Report Bugs

We will be glad to know if you have any comments, suggestions, or think it would be good to be able to run on other Liferay versions.

You can contact us directly on