The Google Group Portlet is an application for managing distribution lists using Google's API. It allows you edit your groups and its members.


  • It alows you insert, edit and delete distribution lists.
  • It allows you insert and delete members in the distribution lists.
  • It associates members with Liferay users, using the email address.

Instalation guide

1. First you need to download the war from Liferay's Marketplace.

2. Then deploy the war by installing it from the control panel or copying it to deploy folder inside liferay-portal files.

You need the Google API's credentials to continue the instalation:

  • Domain (Example:
  • The user administrator of your domain in Google (Example:
  • Account id (Example:
  • A certificate file (p12 file)
    (In the following link you can find how to generate the account id and the p12 file:

3. Open the Control Panel and click on Google Groups section:

4. You have to fill the following form with your credentials:

5. The ".p12" file have to be accesible by the portal, this has to be in the same server. The application is going to look for the certificate in '/opt/cert/' in case of Linux server, otherwise, it's going to look for this file in 'C:\cert\' in a Windows server. Per instance, if it's a Linux server: "/opt/cert/certificate.p12".

6. When this is done, you have to submit the form. Then, you'll see if your information is saved. Furthermore, you can test if it's correct clicking the 'Test' button. If all is correct you will see the following message:

7. Now, you can add the Google Group Portlet in your portal. In the case that you haven't complete the steps aboves you will see the next message:

Otherwise, the portlet will appear correctly:

8. Among other group functionalities you can choose to 'Add Group' or select any of the existing groups:

9. When a group is selected in the group list, the members belonging to this group are displayed in the members list. And you can see functionalities available quickly and intuitively.


  • Check if the user have the permissions to use the portlet.
  • Check the Google API's credentials (using the button 'Test' in the Control Panel).
  • Check the path of the p12 file in the server.