Software development

Sonicon offers development services for all types of business applications, e-commerce, media, portals and generally to support the business processes of your company and for the management of material, financial and human resources.


Mobile applications

The future of new technologies will be through the use of mobile internet devices. The number of these devices continues increasing and having a mobile application has become essential, as web pages were back in the day.


Database services

It is usual nowadays that companies have to update their information systems or migrate to open source platforms. You can also count on Sonicon in this process.

Offering this service along with our software development services, we can propose global solutions.


What our clients say

“Since the creation of Sonicon, we have always trusted them due to their human qualities and their clear business understanding. In all the projects we have worked together, Sonicon has desmonstrated a high technical level that has absolutely satisfied our needs. We hope to continue this kind of collaboration many more years.”

IT Manager, Salvat Logística


“From the first day that we contacted Sonicon they have worked with us as if they were another member of our team. Sonicon has finished the projects within the planned timelines giving also a valuable input with their ideas and technological solutions that have made the work easier and that also implied cost reductions. We are very happy with them and hope to continue our bussiness relationship in future projects.”

Marco Pavesi, Data Management Manager, CLIF Centre (European Consortium of Liver Failure)